Better. Safer. Stronger.

We believe in building sustainable conditions that make the world a safer place. Our service members live this by willingly placing themselves in harm’s way. Their service is at the core of our shared security and they need our help. This is why we are building the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN). Our mission is to build networks of innovators that generate new solutions to national security problems.

See the NSIN Year in Review - FY23 for a summary of our recent work.

People, Ideas and Technology, in that Order

Over the last two decades, we’ve seen a shift in the nature of security threats, from the emergence of networked insurgency to the growth of cyber threats, the conditions of warfare are as unpredictable as ever.

In these times of growing uncertainty, the strategies that have served us for nearly 100 years have become insufficient and unsustainable. We need to build a more agile and adaptive resource to meet the unpredictable threats of the future.

NSIN and its programs serve to develop a new alliance between defense, academia, and venture communities whose collaboration is imperative in the service of our national security.

Diversity Powers the Network

NSIN is an unrivaled problem-solving network that adapts to the emerging needs of those who serve in the defense of our national security. We offer programs and services that connect innovators across communities that might not traditionally cross paths. By combining problem-solvers from different kinds of communities, we create powerful and unexpected effects. Our ability to harness our diversity for the common good is one of the greatest advantages of our country. This source of power is a bedrock principle of our union, as expressed in its motto, “E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One).”

Solving for Uncertainty

The defense community, working on the front line of conflict, has a deep understanding of the emerging need for innovation in national security. For service members, these problems are their daily reality. Their insight and commitment make service members vital participants in the National Security Innovation Base.

Academia is a community of discovery, long connected to national security through its conduct of basic and applied research.

Academia is a community of discovery, long connected to national security through its conduct of basic and applied research. More and more, research in areas like artificial intelligence and medical technology have reference not only to defense applications but also commercial.

The academic enterprise of discovery has important things to offer both of these markets.

The startup venture represents the most agile mechanism for innovation. By focusing on developing a minimum viable product and the conservation of capital, startups have emerged as engines of innovation that create better, cheaper, and faster solutions. NSIN is a network that brings together the values of service, discovery, and speed. Together, these forces will drive the innovations that help us realize the better, safer world we want to share.

Join us in creating a world that is Better. Safer. Stronger.