Team NSIN continues rapid growth as it connects our nation’s innovators with Department of Defense leaders to solve critical challenges.

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) released its 2022 Year in Review report highlighting NSIN’s expanding maturity into a nationwide network of mission partners, startups, academia, large and small businesses, and nonprofits collaborating with us to drive innovations that will give our Armed Forces technological advantage against any adversary.

This year’s report showcases a year marked by continued growth and engagement of our community.

“Bringing together the communities of defense, academia, and venture will drive the innovations that help us realize the better, safer, stronger world we want to build,” Cheryl Ingstad, Managing Director, said. “This year-in-review shows the tremendous strides our talented teams have made and the enormous potential still in front of us.”

Key NSIN 2022 Year in Review Highlights:

  • Engaged 8,555 new people in the National Security Innovation Base.
  • Supported 1,326 new companies to enter the National Security Innovation Base and spun out 48 of DoD-funded technologies.
  • Helped 983 DoD organizations solve 1,511 problems by generating 1,786 unique solutions.
  • Since 2016, companies in NSIN programs have raised $9.6 billion in private capital funding and $2.9 billion in DoD funding.

“NSIN exemplifies the enormous power of innovation,” said Mike Madsen, Acting Director of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). “In just six years, NSIN has shown how outreach and collaboration can provide tangible results. The Department of Defense has become smarter because of NSIN.”

The 2022 NSIN Year in Review is available here:

About National Security Innovation Network

NSIN is a government program office within the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OSD(R&E)) that collaborates with major universities and the venture community to develop solutions that drive national security innovation. We operate two portfolios of programs and services: Talent and Venture. Together, these portfolios form a pipeline of activities and solutions that accelerate the pace of defense innovation.

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