Technology companies new to the defense sector are now invited to apply to participate in the 2022 NSIN Propel cohort to drive the development of next-generation applications of dual-use emerging technology to advance areas such as mobility, smart cities, and industrial automation.

Newlab and Decisive Point today announced the open call for the next cohort of the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Propel, a startup accelerator designed to enable the development of next-generation applications of emerging dual-use technology for government and defense. First launched in 2021, NSIN Propel is a partnership with NSIN, a Department of Defense (DoD) office for connecting innovators to the DoD, and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), to recruit companies new to the defense sector with technology solutions that can be adapted to address the needs of both the U.S. Air Force and the broader DoD community.

Located at Newlab’s 84,000 square-foot flagship location in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, NSIN Propel serves as a center of gravity for the DoD innovation community in the mid-Atlantic region. The program is currently accepting applications from technology companies working in areas including smart cities, urban tech, mobility, agriculture, industrial automation, manufacturing, next-gen connectivity, supply chain management and space; for more information on the application process, click here.

“The NSIN Propel program was instrumental in helping our company access the federal market by enabling us to understand the government’s big technical challenges, discover new applications for our edge machine learning platform, and build relationships with customers like the Air Force Research Laboratory,” said Sheena Patel, sales executive from Edge Impulse, who participated in the 2021 cohort.

NSIN Propel will leverage Decisive Point’s defense and government contracting expertise and Newlab’s innovation tudio to prototype resources, and to guide selected companies through a process of developing and piloting technologies designed to meet DoD and commercial market needs. NSIN Propel will help companies develop practical acquisitions knowledge and capacity by equipping participants with capabilities necessary for success in the federal market and building the momentum to raise capital from private investors, build relationships with defense and commercial customers, and win government contracts.

“NSIN Propel surrounds founders with the resources and guidance to bring their technologies to government. Even after the program ends, NSIN and its partners at Newlab and Decisive Point continue to work alongside the startup teams to help them leverage a nation-wide network and transition their technologies to fill critical Department of Defense needs,” said Grant Fox, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for NSIN.

“It is essential to invest time and resources into our national security innovation base. Early-stage ventures are building new commercial products that are transformative for national security and public safety operators, said Ryan Benitez, Partner with Decisive Point. “NSIN Propel gives startups the tools and foundation to enter and then grow in the federal market.”

“We are excited to continue our work with NSIN in engaging the most innovative entrepreneurs, engineers, and bold thinkers from around the world to solve our nation’s most pressing challenges,” said Satish Rao, Chief Product Officer of Newlab. “Advancing the next generation of transformative, multi-use technologies with applications spanning a variety of industry challenges is core to the Newlab mission, and through NSIN Propel we and our partners have established a thriving ecosystem for the development of cutting-edge, dual-use technologies with profound implications for everything from the way people live and get around in cities, to the creation of a more resilient supply chain, and much more.”

NSIN Propel is currently accepting applications from technology companies interested in participating. For more information on the application process, please click here.

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