Team NSIN solved more national security challenges, created more dual-use ventures, and paired more civilians with DoD partners than ever before.

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) released its 2021 Year in Review report that showcases a year marked by expansion, diversification and innovation that is changing the way the Department of Defense (DoD) solves problems.

“I’m pleased to report that NSIN has continued to achieve outsized impact,” Dr. Gregory M. Bernard, Acting Director, explained.

Key NSIN 2021 Year in Review Highlights:

  • Connected over 6,900 non-traditional problem solvers with over 900 DoD organizations on national security programs.
  • Developed 370 new companies for dual-use technology in DoD and commercial markets to solve over 1,360 national security problems.
  • Supported growth of startups who received over $64 million in private funding and over $295 million in DoD funding because of participation in NSIN programs.
  • Increased diversity in DoD offices and decisions by ensuring 63% of NSIN national service opportunities included historically underrepresented (race, gender, ethnicity) populations.
  • Engaged 84% more universities and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to engage students and researchers with real-word military problems.

“Congratulations to the NSIN team on celebrating five years of bringing new ideas, methodologies, companies, and talent into DoD,” said Michael Brown, Director of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). “From Hacking for Defense to the X-Force Fellows, the work that NSIN does to strengthen the national security innovation base is critically important.”

The 2021 NSIN Year in Review is available here:

“NSIN is a small organization relative to other Department of Defense components, but we have consistently been punching above our weight class. The keys to our success are our people, our mission, and our methods,” Bernard explained. “We believe that people [human capital] are the key to innovation, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work this team does every day in that pursuit of our mission.”

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About NSIN

The National Security Innovation Network is a program of the U.S. Department of Defense that collaborates with major universities and the venture community to develop solutions that drive national security innovation. We operate three portfolios of programs and services: National Service, Collaboration, and Acceleration. Together, these portfolios form a pipeline of activities and solutions that accelerate the pace of defense innovation.