The NSIN UNUM platform brings together innovation leaders from defense, academic, and venture communities with people of all ranks and expertise.

The National Security Innovation Network is pleased to introduce UNUM, a collaboration and networking platform that serves the problem-solving needs of Department of Defense (DoD) customers. UNUM brings together innovation leaders from defense, academic, and venture communities with people of all ranks and expertise. UNUM is the one platform built to support the collaboration of innovators from diverse backgrounds and warfighters seeking solutions.

“UNUM is central to NSIN’s mission to build new networks of problem solvers. It enables users to connect in real time to the defense, academic, and venture communities across the nation,” Jen Bird, NSIN Acting Director explained.

Formerly the Defense Innovation Network, NSIN re-launched the platform on May 7, 2021 as UNUM, with enhanced capabilities to support the growing community of collaborators from across the defense, academic, and venture communities. UNUM provides a common set of tools for discovering and leveraging the power of diverse networks to increase the adoption of novel solutions to create a world that is better, safer, and stronger.

UNUM Benefits:

  • Diverse Members: UNUM brings together atypical collaborators from defense, academia and venture backgrounds.

  • Collaboration Communities: Connect with innovators in your region or others working in the same problem areas.

  • Solve Technical and Policy Problems: Bottom-up innovation challenges, online hackathons, and other problem-solving activities bring together diverse collaborators from across the network.

  • Mentoring and Peer Learning: Support emerging practice and innovation methods.

Michael Dila, Platform Director, said, “The name UNUM invokes the spirit of the traditional Latin motto of the United States, ‘E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One)’ and signals our vision for an open space for innovators to connect and collaborate on common ground.”

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About NSIN

The NSIN mission is to “build networks of innovators that generate new solutions to national security problems.” NSIN is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and has regional offices in 11 commercial innovation hubs throughout the United States. Through its headquarters, regional hubs, and embedded university partnerships, NSIN builds a national network of innovators and delivers programming that solves real-world, DoD problems through collaborative partnerships with non-traditional problem-solvers within the academic and early-stage venture communities.