NSIN will host a three-week virtual hackathon aimed at vehicular security technology development for use during electronic warfare.

MAD HACKS: FURY CODE will take place February 5-26 and will focus on the development of concepts, technologies, or systems to help human-controlled and autonomous vehicles operate through cyber-attacks and other occurrences of electronic warfare. The event is open to creative, mission-driven individuals interested in solving problems in unconventional ways. The registration deadline to participate is open throughout the first phase of the event. All ideas must be submitted by registered participants on or before February 19, 2021.

Winning concepts will receive investments from a pool of $70,000 to develop their solutions further.

“Electronic warfare, especially with autonomous and semi-autonomous systems on the horizon, is a top of mind concern for planners thinking about future threats,” said Kedar Pavgi, Hacks Program Manager. “These situations demand that the DoD has dependable vehicle systems, and this hackathon will provide opportunities for the development of solutions to ensure our national security.”

The event includes presenting partnerships with the U.S. Army, 1st Cavalry Division, the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities and Development Command - Ground Vehicles Systems Center, the Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross Functional Team, and Dell Technologies. Partner universities include the University of California - Berkeley, University of Washington, San Diego State University, and Georgia Tech.

Coding experience is not required to participate in the hackathon. For complete details or to register as a participant, click here.