Applications for the MERC 2020 Cohort are due by Friday, November 15, 2019.

MERC is an accelerator program for military energy resilience professionals to strengthen energy resilience across the DoD. MERC Cohort members are selected annually from a competitive pool of energy resilience professionals from across the Military Services. MERC Cohort members may be high-capacity installation support personnel or mission owners and operators that may have critical energy requirements or be involved with energy resilience projects. The MERC Cohort application is open to military personnel and government civilians only. Applications for the MERC 2020 Cohort are due by Friday, November 15, 2019.

Members of the MERC Cohort receive access to exclusive learning events, direct energy resilience technical support, connections to a network of DoD energy resilience practitioners, and customized facilitated workshops designed to identify and resolve barriers to energy resilience.

To join the MERC Community, go to the NSIN Defense Innovation network MERC Community

Why should you apply to join the 2020 MERC Cohort?

PEER-TO-PEER NETWORK - MERC convenes leading energy resilience professionals from across DoD and the national laboratories to provide insights and deployment acceleration support on energy technologies, installation energy resilience needs, and near-term innovative solutions.

MERC ONLINE COMMUNITY - Through the MERC Online Community, DoD energy resilience practitioners can engage in discussions with experts, find upcoming energy events, discover project data and case studies, and apply design tools and templates to project opportunities. The MERC Online Community, open to all government personnel and contractors.

INSTALLATION WORKSHOPS - The MERC Team is funded to execute in-person workshops focused on accelerating DoD energy resilience projects. MERC Workshops are customized to project concepts and needs, focusing on identifying mission energy requirements, engaging stakeholders, or finalizing project negotiations.

MERC is sponsored by the DoD Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) and is jointly led by Converge Strategies, LLC, and Idaho National Laboratory (INL).