Technology professionals who thrive at JSOC are adaptable. There is no typical day, and our tech team is always ready for new challenges. In teams or as a lone tech expert surrounded by operators, you’ll solve classified problems your peers can’t touch. At JSOC, we have data. We need to understand the patterns and indicators hidden inside information we find throughout the world. Americans’ lives depend on this. You can leverage our data: automating application deployment, container orchestration, agile principles and data science techniques. Your work could be the only thing putting the American military’s attention on the right threat, at the right time.”

The application is open for any U.S. citizen who is a software engineer, software developer, or designer; 3-5 years of work experience is preferred. Interviews will be held virtually the week of May 17. JSOC has military and civilian positions in emerging fields from artificial intelligence and machine learning to data engineering and software development. JSOC is hiring for offices in North Carolina and the Washington, D.C. area at the GS-13 level.

The application period for this position is now closed.


01 MAY: Resume submissions due

08 MAY: EXTENDED Resume submission deadline; Due by 5:00PM (EDT)

18 MAY: Virtual Interviews Day 1

19 MAY: Virtual Interviews Day 2

20 MAY: Virtual Interviews Day 3

21 MAY: Virtual Interviews Day 4

22 MAY: Virtual Interviews Day 5