The Critical Resource Summit is an invitation-only event spanning three intensive and engaging days in Montana. This active collaboration between academic, industry, and government partners focuses on highlighting the United States’ growing leadership in strategic competition across an interconnected set of critical resources essential for sustained global growth and security: water, food, energy, minerals, and human systems.


The Critical Resource Summit aims to address the challenges of framing strategic domestic and foreign policy actions related to critical Earth systems and associated dependencies. The event agenda focuses on vital resources and the technical innovation necessary to support the United States’ global strategic competitiveness in ensuring access to these resources. Specifically, the event will address how these resources impact resilient and growing economies and will explore sustainable innovation ecosystems to support strategic growth objectives.

The Critical Resource Summit is a catalyst for key stakeholders to learn, develop, and cultivate opportunities to maximize strategic investments in global critical system dynamics, engage in advanced geo-planning, and deploy collaborative networks.

The key objective of this event is to build and sustain a Community of Interest, providing insights into these complex problems and supporting members in this growing competitive environment.


**Subject to change.

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Monday, May 22
Event Kick-off and Opening Reception
University of Montana-Missoula

Tuesday, May 23
Day 1 (Missoula)
Summit programming at the University of Montana focusing on Critical Resource observation, monitoring and analytics focusing on water systems, earth observations, and GeoPlanning.
Travel to the Montana Technological University in Butte, Montana

Wednesday, May 24
Day 2 (Butte)
Summit programming at Montana Technological University partnered with South Dakota School of Mines: Mineral Science focused on Mineral Systems and Workforce Capacity. Summit participants will engage in a second day of thematic immersion followed by travel to the final destination at Montana State University in Bozeman.
Travel to Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana

Thursday, May 25
Day 3 (Bozeman)
Summit programming at Montana State University focused on advanced engineering applications with a focus on energy and food systems and advanced computation innovation.

Concludes the Critical Resource Summit with the development of a Community of Action surrounding these shared problems.

The Critical Resource Summit is designed to seek engagement, collaboration, and intensive networking and is not a conference-style gathering.

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