Join us for our Vector Final Showcase on March 9, 2022 and watch as teams compete to win $25,000.

About this Event

The NSIN Vector program aims to help pre-formed teams from other upstream NSIN programs establish viable dual-use business ventures. The intent of Vector is to test the hypothesis that if teams participate in an accelerated learning program on the business fundamentals of dual-use venture creation, then they will be more likely to form viable ventures with dual-use capabilities.

NSIN Vector concludes with a showcase pitch day and a single wining team from each cohort eligible to win $25K.

Teams & Tech for March 9, 2022

  • Apagos Technologies is building out their Project Hermes system – a digital recall roster that automates and streamlines recall procedures.

  • Cutting Edge AI’s platform is a computer vision deep learning system that makes full motion video searchable by content, uses operator knowledge to improve itself, and stores highly compressed representations of the entities on a video stream.

  • Elvee is an integrated insole and ankle movement system that provides insight into lower leg movements. ELVEE’s user interface displays information in real time to carefully track training history and its impacts on performance outcomes.

  • Kupros, Inc. revolutionizes the 3D printed antenna and electronic market with an all-metal copper filament that offers a more cost effective, versatile, and efficient printing process than any other existing solution.

  • Mind Flux Medical is developing a helmet-embedded bio-sensing device offers the first point-of-trauma quantitative test for mild traumatic brain injury.

  • Monolithium aims to commercialize advanced solid state batteries via high temperature, nonflammable, fast recharge Li battery technology.

  • Neupro Inc. is developing a point-of-care (POC) solution for blood chemistry testing and analysis that can be conducted outside of a central laboratory and produce realtime results.

  • OptoRelay, LLC proposes developing the Dynamic Optical Energy Network (DynOEN): a laser-based optical energy harvesting microgrid.

  • Skyline Nav AI Inc. helps military and commercial entities navigate in a GPS-degraded, spoofed, denied environment using visualization of the skyline (natural & manmade features). This product provides an alternative to GPS technology that the military and commercial markets are highly reliant upon for navigation.

  • Traverse Operations Solutions is developing a cyber defense hardware with the intent to help both the Department of Defense & private sector harden its legacy platforms.


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