Want to help secure the nation's most important communications networks in the most extreme moments of national crisis? Apply to the NSIN Hirethon with U.S. Strategic Command NC3 Enterprise!


U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) is one of eleven unified commands in the Department of Defense (DoD). USSTRATCOM integrates and coordinates the necessary command and control capability to provide support with the most accurate and timely information for the President, the Secretary of Defense, other national leadership, and combatant commanders.

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The Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I) Division of the Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Enterprise Center (NEC) within U.S. Strategic Command is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of our nation’s most important communications networks in the most extreme moments of national crisis.

SE&I is looking to hire both recent graduates and dedicated professionals who take a big-picture view of things while at the same time enjoy digging into the details. If you have training in systems, communications, or network engineering; if you have a background in data science, digital modeling, or cybersecurity; or if you have prior work or military experience with NC3-related systems, then SE&I might be the right place for you. Feel free to contact us to start a conversation about a possible career with SE&I.

Hirethon Opportunities

Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) Enterprise Center, Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I) Division | Fort G. Meade, MD

Salary Ranges: GS-13: $103,690 - $134,798; GS-14: $122,530 - $159,286

Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) | Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Salary Range: GS-14: $108,885 - $141,548


Applications have closed.

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