Join us on Monday, May 17, at 1:00PM (EDT) for another NSIN Ask Me Anything session featuring the creators of Matrix Games and the Command: Modern Operations.

NSIN is using the commercial gaming platform to develop AI agents for theater scale, multi-domain operations as part of its AI for Command Challenge.


  • Iain McNeil has worked in computer wargames since 1991. He has held every position from QA to designer, and CEO. He has built Slitherine and its partner company Matrix Games in to the largest specialist wargame publishers in the world, delivering entertainment software to consumers and professional simulations to defence. He also consults for [dstl] and is the UK industry representative to NATO MSG 189.
  • Dimitris Dranidis has worked in software development and IT since 1999, in businesses ranging from tiny family shops to multinational conglomerates. He created Command in the mid-00s and has led its development and evolution ever since, growing it from a niche wargame to the premier cross-domain modern operations simulation throughout the US DoD and NATO. He has served as a mechanized infantryman & military-IT staff. He currently manages the development of Command and related professional activities within Matrix Games LLC.

AI for Command Challenge

Participants are challenges to develop AI agents for theater scale, multi-domain operations using a commercial gaming platform - Matrix Games’ Command: Modern Operations.

  • Grand Prize: $100,000
  • Finalists are eligible for a Memorandum of Understanding in support of their proposals for a $750,000 SBIR or STTR award


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