Subject matter experts with a range of experience including navigating government contracting processes and vehicles, raising private capital, and filling talent gaps on your team.


The NSIN Transition Cell offers post-NSIN programming support to alumni teams and companies. This expertise is available through one-on-one consultations, our curated collection of educational resources, and customized support plans to meet your specific needs.

About the Transition Cell

The Transition Cell is a team of experts advising both commercial companies and government mission partners on strategies to bring dual-use technologies into the Department of Defense (DoD). With an understanding of both the commercial and government perspectives, the transition cell operates as a board of advisors. With no decision making authority or funding to offer, the transition cell team is able to speak with a candor others sometimes cannot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Transition Cell offer?

  • To commercial companies, we offer expertise in DoD markets, military mission partner needs, government contracting, and DoD-centric investment. Companies may schedule one of the several meeting slots that our team hosts each week. We prioritize DIU-enterprise alumni companies, but will meet with any dual-use technology provider interested in doing business with the DoD. Many of the companies we have worked with have found the meetings to be invaluable for their business planning.

  • To DoD mission partners, we offer expertise in commercial market surveys, tech scouting, technical readiness assessments, and contracting pathways. Mission partners come to us from across our professional networks, and we are often able to connect them to companies or fellow mission partners that have solutions that are relevant to their needs. With our broad view of the DoD, we can provide connections between state, regional, and service-specific government efforts.

  • To DIU portfolios, NSIN programs, and Hubs, we offer advice in selection processes, support to accelerator events, connection to mission partners, and access to our database of commercial technology companies. We also offer a helpful place to direct alumni and down-selected companies as they complete programming and seek additional opportunities with other parts of the DIU enterprise or with the government at large.

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Questions about the NSIN Transition Cell?

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  • Michael Dingman
    Michael Dingman

    Transition Cell Lead

  • John Hrivnak
    John Hrivnak

    Private Capital Principal