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National Security Innovation Network
Monday, March 18, 2024
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Described as a “hamster ball with wings,” NSIN Vector alum Revolute Robotics continues to receive accolades for its unique drone, which travels both on land and through the air to provide imaging, surveillance, and more in austere, hostile, and complex environments. The company won the 2023 NSIN Vector pitch competition after showing how a tool built initially for the commercial sector can help the warfighter.


MARCH 18-21, 2024
Connect with members of the Propel EDI cohort as they share their innovations for radio frequency (RF) transceiver units and edge compute units at the Government Microcircuit Applications and Critical Technologies Conference (GOMAC) in Charleston, South Carolina.

MARCH 18-19, 2024
Innovators interested in emerging technologies can hear from founders and CEOs, government officials, Academy Award winners, and more to learn about tech trends in multiple industries at the eMerge Americas conference in Miami, Florida. NSIN Southeast Regional Director Beverly Seay will speak about emerging dual-use technology trends during a panel discussion at the conference.


Innovators with modern ideas to support the growth of expeditionary power for the mobile space domain awareness platform are invited to engage in the Expeditionary Energy Challenge. The challenge will launch April 15.

The Joint Defense Innovation workspace will be located alongside workspaces for Army Applications Laboratory and other government innovation units to provide greater collaboration between the DoD and enable startups and innovators from the Austin, Texas area with more opportunities to work with the government.

Professionals from industry and academia learned how to connect with the DoD’s innovation ecosystem and work with the government at the AFWERX-hosted SXSW panel, “Defense Innovation Community: Connecting the Ecosystem." The panel featured NSIN Interim Defense Innovation OnRamp Hub Director Cassie Muffey, alongside peers from the Air Force, AFWERX, Army Applications Laboratory, and DIU. 

Nearly 600 attendees saw live demonstrations of autonomous vehicles, remote sensors, hybrid battery packs, and more at the Pacific Operational Science and Technology (POST) Field Experiment (FX) Event at Marine Corps Base Hawai'i (MCBH). The event was hosted by University of Hawai'i (UH) and held in partnership with the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at UH, NSIN, and the Indo-Pacific Command’s (INDOPACOM) J85 Science and Technology Division.


MAY 1, 2024
NSIN, in partnership with the Washington Air National Guard (WA ANG) 194 Communications Squadron, seeks innovative solutions to establish two-way communication during the eruption of Mt. Rainier and other natural disasters. 


Since 2017, Applied Intuition has sustained triple-digit percentage growth year over-year. With help of their ongoing and competitive defense business, which is focused in creating capabilities for autonomous and software-defined vehicles for the warfighter, Applied Intuition is now valued at $6 billion.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defence Accelerator for the North Atlantic (NATO DIANA) has announced that more than 200 world-class sites are joining its network, doubling the size of the transatlantic network. Through these sites, NATO DIANA will continue its work to develop and test dual-use technologies, support companies as they find investors, and share defense expertise, training, and funding.


MARCH 18-20, 2024  
Join leaders from industry and the government as they share the latest developments on undersea warfare at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) 2024 Undersea Warfare Spring Conference in San Diego, California. Attendees will gain insights on topics including countering submarines and mine threats and power projection from the sea.

MARCH 20, 2024
Contractors with advanced data scraping capabilities, innovative methodologies, and the potential to create impactful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) may submit proposals for the opportunity to participate in the 2024 DLA Hackathon. Proposals must be submitted by March 20, 2024.

MAY 7-8, 2024
Artificial intelligence (AI) experts and enthusiasts will learn about the latest emerging AI technologies at the Special Competitive Studies Project AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington, D.C.  

MAY 7-8, 2024
Join innovation leaders from the government, private sector, and scientific community to exchange ideas and examine how public and private entities can come together in pursuit of innovation for national security. The event is held in honor of the legacy of the 25th Secretary of Defense Dr. Ash Carter.


Follow the NSIN Defense Innovation Funding Opportunities Series on LinkedIn to identify more funding across the defense innovation space. 

MARCH 25, 2024 

Innovators with solutions that could enable small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to operate in environments where the electromagnetic spectrum is contested—where challenges may include jamming, interference, and spoofing—may submit their solutions to DIU for the opportunity to receive a prototype Other Transaction (OT) award.

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