Advanced technology developed by the U.S. Department of Defense labs is the focus of NSIN Defense Innovation Accelerator (DIA) Demo Day on December 3, 2020.

The DIA Demo Day event will showcase breakthrough technology that addresses real-world problems of DoD and commercial customers. DIA Demo Day is a collaboration of the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) and FedTech.

DIA Demo Day puts 11 teams of entrepreneurs and innovators in the spotlight, with winners continuing on the path to commercialize their technologies and help create dual-use startup companies. Finalist teams have navigated two phases over a months-long program to present at Demo Day.

“This inaugural program is fueled by the benefits of NSIN’s wide-ranging network and builds on FedTech’s demonstrated prior successes guiding entrepreneurial participants to assess the market viability and the potential to commercialize DoD lab technologies,” said Mark Antholt, DIA Program Manager. “These teams represent eight DoD labs and technologies that can, ultimately, be of tremendous value in our defense efforts.”

The technologies represented by this group include autonomous systems, sensors, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, virtual reality, and computer vision.

NSIN and FedTech partner in the DIA program by sourcing talented and passionate innovators seeking to create high-tech companies around DoD technologies. Those individuals are then paired with real-world DoD projects that are ripe for technology transfer transition.

“Demo Day is really a win two-fold,” said Robyn Brazzil, Principal at FedTech and DIA Program lead “because it has democratized entrepreneurship, allowing entrepreneurs from across the country access to viable technologies from DoD labs . Further, it can help create dual-use start-up companies which can address tech coming out of labs now and creates a great resource for technologies developed in DoD labs in the future.”

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About DIA

The Defense Innovation Accelerator is a program under the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) powered by FedTech. Through the partnership, breakthrough technology is leveraged from top Defense Department research and development labs to solve real-world problems with defense and commercial customers. Entrepreneurs and Mentors are sourced from across the U.S. and matched into teams with inventors of innovative technologies from Defense Department labs. Over an intensive months long program teams go through two phases; customer discovery and early company formation. Successful teams have gone on to form companies, license the technology from the labs and pursue various funding opportunities.