The National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) contains 17 squadrons with a wide range of missions across the Center, each with their own data, analysis tools, and expertise.

These squadrons power a central mission: to provide the best intelligence possible to the President, members of Congress, and senior U.S. military leaders.

To do so, NASIC leverages all available resources, stamping out any inefficiency or redundancy. Enter NSIN. Earlier this month, the NSIN brought a teaching team from the University of California - Berkeley to NASIC for a four-day Bootcamp workshop. The team led the assembled group of about 30 participants through a series of exercises using applied human-centered design to ensure better goal-alignment across the base.

The group divided into teams to develop potential solutions, which they pitched on the final day. These solutions tackled strategies to ensure the commanders’ priorities are not only better heard but also understood, and that new analysts are brought up to speed as quickly as possible. Teams developed new ways to more exactly fit technological solutions to the identified problems, and recommended a way to effectively match analysts with the projects where they will have the highest impact.

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