Join us for our Vector Final Showcase on October 5, 2022, and watch as teams compete to win $25,000.

About this Event

The NSIN Vector program aims to help pre-formed teams from other upstream NSIN programs (e.g. H4D, X-Force Fellows, Hacks and Foundry) establish viable dual-use business ventures. Teams participate in a ten-week accelerator where they learn the basics of doing business with the DoD, startup fundamentals, and how to conduct in-depth customer discovery.

Join us virtually at the final showcase, October 5, as six new ventures compete for a single prize of $25,000.

Teams & Tech for October 5, 2022

Venture solutions vary from software applications to hypersonics, from novel-heat exchange to wearable ultrasound. For more information on the six dual-use ventures competing:

  • Barrow Green, LLC is developing an elastocaloric heat pump technology, invented at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), which does not utilize greenhouse gases (GHGs) as a refrigerant and will be highly energy efficient.

  • FLIP enables fleet managers to maximize mission readiness by automating data analytics and predicting vehicle breakdowns; FLIP simplifies fleet operations by automating maintenance workflows, providing real-time dashboard metrics, and using AI/ML to set maintenance schedules.

  • BECS Corporation is working on the construction of virtual maritime scenarios using Unreal Engine for the I-Stalker Training Simulator in conjunction with NSWC Crane via a CRADA. Crane engineers will focus on programming sensor drivers capable of interfacing EBRISS with this virtual environment.

  • Log-io provides a software solution that enables mission planners to expedite the logistics functions for dispersed locations in austere environments.

  • GaleSun’s business is to create products using a flexible system that allows for hands free and wearable ultrasound imaging. Our products can perform non-invasive patient monitoring by allowing the hands-free monitoring of a surface of various contours.

  • Halo Engines sees a significant gap in hypersonic ground and flight testing services for dual-use purposes. Halo Engines provides value as a high-enthalpy reaction testing service. We enable government labs and commercial partners to 10x their data-acquisition capabilities, improving and accelerating their abilities to make key decisions in design, development, and production.


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