Join us for the Emerge Final Showcase, featuring dual-use emerging tech companies.

About this event

Join the National Security Innovation Network as we feature dual-use emerging technology companies in the summer Emerge Showcase Day.

This opportunity will feature cutting-edge companies working on various technologies with important government applications, including energy and environmental tech, cybersecurity and analytics, digital optimization, health tech, and communication and sensing under challenging environments.

The NSIN Emerge program aims to help create new dual-use ventures based on existing university intellectual property. At Demo Day, you’ll have the opportunity to hear these companies pitch, meet with the founders to discuss your use cases, and explore opportunities for further collaboration.

This virtual event will host on the Filo platform. After registering for the event, you will receive information on accessing the Filo platform. Stay tuned for additional details on the timing of the presentations.

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  • SynCell Biotechnology - SynCell has developed, patented, and tested a platform that uses virtually any bacteria (either pathogenic or non-pathogenic) to produce bacterial-synthesized nanomaterials with biomedical applications.
  • Power NeuroRecovery Inc - Power NeuroRecovery is developing an inspiratory/expiratory respiratory and cardiovascular training device that provides system-adjusted breathing resistance, feedback to the user, and data for the clinician to track progress.
  • LionHeart Medical - LionHeart Medical is developing a portable, balloon-like device to treat non-compressible torso hemorrhage called the Trans-Esophageal Aortic Blood flow Occluder (TEABO).
  • Chemical Earmuffs - Chemical Earmuffs is developing the first drug to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and treat brain disorders associated with excitotoxicity.
  • EnergyEne - EnergyEne produces non-allergenic domestic latex from Guayule, focused on three main projects: Flexible Radiation Attenuation Gloves and Clothing, Pilot Scale Latex Production, and Particulate Clean-Up from Rough Fixed Surfaces.
  • Disappex - Disappex’s technology provides sustainable, biocompatible, and high-resolution photo-curable resins that enable controlled and predictable material degradation while eliminating the risk of reverse-engineering.
  • Sensatek Propulsion Technology Inc. - Sensatek reports and monitors the actual temperature and strain conditions of rotating parts on jet engines by placing battery-free wireless sensors directly on rotating parts (blades, rotors, discs, etc.)
  • AeroFlow - Aeroflow delivers aerodynamic designs to improve the fuel efficiency of large ground fleet vehicles by dramatically reducing aerodynamic drag.
  • Titan Bioworks - Titan uses microbial fermentation to produce high-toughness, high-energy-absorbing fibers that can be used in the protective fabrics market.
  • Empower Battery Technology, Inc. - Empower Battery Technology has a rechargeable battery with faster charging, higher energy density, and longer battery life than what is commercially available.
  • Hydrolyst LLC - Hydrolyst LLC is producing advanced materials electrocatalysts for use in hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Darcy Solutions - Darcy Solutions significantly improves the financial attractiveness and operational feasibility of geothermal/ground source heating and cooling, enabling commercial and residential building owners to meet increasingly challenging carbon emissions and energy efficiency goals while reducing their heating and cooling costs 60-70%.
  • IntelliTex LLC - IntelliTex is focused on developing Color Changing Textiles, and OPV powered Textiles.
  • Gabriella - Gabriella performs automatic video analysis using deep learning.
  • e-skin Displays Inc. - e-skin Displays is a room temperature LWIR detection and imaging platform with dynamic spectral selectivity.
  • TeraSpatial Inc.- TeraSpatial delivers AI-enhanced mmWave RF, and physical layer infrastructure/enterprise targeted chipsets with ~10X the performance (throughput, capacity, latency) compared to current solutions.
  • Applied NanoFemto Technologies - Applied NanoFemto Technologies is developing a wide dynamic range and low noise figure RF photonic link for the Navy’s electronic warfare (EW) applications, where the RF photonic link can replace conventional copper coaxial cables.


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