Bootcamp is solution generation by teaching innovation methods and exposing service members to problem-solving tools in the context of a command problem.


  • A three-day crash course in design thinking that brings innovation tools and practices to bear on the DoD’s toughest problems.
  • Human-Centered Design and Lean Launchpad training offered to a cohort of up to 40 participants.
  • University teaching team.
  • Sponsor gains a more agile and adaptable team trained in innovative thinking.
  • Sponsor achieves a clearer understanding or solution to a command-level problem.

About Bootcamp

The NSIN Bootcamp program is an accelerated course in which participants are introduced to the concepts and methods for innovation in the context of real-world problems facing their units. Using the same concepts and methods taught at leading U.S. tech and business schools, the course uses human-centered design (HCD) methods for problem framing and solving, in addition to hypothesis development and testing. These tools allow commanders to capitalize on the talent in their organizations and receive an initial framework for solution(s).

Offered to a cohort of up to 40 participants, the Bootcamp program gives hands-on innovation experience to DoD servicemembers through a practical problem-solving experience. The program will provide a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) that directly addresses a problem the unit is facing. The pitch event will provide the option for the commander to act on the momentum and ideas generated by the Bootcamp. Solutions chosen by the commander are set on a deliberate path towards implementation. NSIN representatives will be available throughout the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Servicemembers have been trained in NSIN Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp program has trained more than 400 servicemembers in advanced problem framing and hypothesis generation/testing. The event delivers viable solutions to the immediate problem area of the command sponsor and provides the necessary skills to solve current and future problems within the participants’ respective organizations.

Who has NSIN has conducted Bootcamps for in the past?

  • U.S. Army XVIII Airborne Corps
  • AFRICOM J2 Directorate
  • Hanscom AFLCMC/PK Contracting Office at Hanscom Air Force Base
  • 75th Innovation Command
  • U.S. Air Force 319th Mission Support Group
  • U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona
  • U.S. Army Reserve 88th Readiness Division
  • U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Army Research Lab

Questions about Bootcamp?

For potential DOD partners, please contact your NSIN Regional Engagement Principal or email to discuss requirements for hosting a Bootcamp program.


  • Kelly Schulte
    Kelly Schulte

    Bootcamp Program Manager