Welcome to the NSIN Alumni Showcase. Each month the NSIN Alumni Showcase will highlight dual-use ventures that have accelerated out of NSIN programming.

March 2024

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Dolphin Labs

Dolphin Labs

Dolphin Labs is a company specializing in remote ocean sensing and observation using their small-scale (~1 kW modular) wave energy converter as a platform, offering a persistent, renewable solution for offshore power, data, and communications. Their flagship product, the xNodeTM incorporates a hybrid inflatable hull design, allowing for efficient transportation and installation using small to medium sized vessels. Moreover, the xNodeTM offers superior power generation capabilities for its size compared to the existing alternatives on the market and can produce power floating at the surface or fully submerged to avoid detection. The CEO is Rolle Hogan. Learn more at https://dolphinlabs.tech/. Key words: Blue Economy, Wave Energy, Persistent Offshore Sensing, Maritime Domain Awareness.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: AquaGen

DynoRotor doing business as AquaGen

AquaGen’s BARRACUDA micro-grid is a portable hydro-kinetic energy system. Barracuda is a light-weight, high-power-density (50 kWh/day), rugged, scalable, modular technology designed for an untapped energy resource: shallow, slow-moving streams and rivers. Barracuda is a dual use technology built for rapid deployment for military use (forward operating bases, digital soldiers, underwater vehicle charging), natural disasters, and for powering the developing world. The CEO is Mac Brown. Learn more at www.aquagen.blue. Key words: NATO Portable River Power.

March 2024

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Cleo Robotics

Cleo Robotics

Cleo Robotics specializes in the development of the Dronut, a next generation drone platform designed specifically to operate in challenging environments that traditional drones cannot handle. Equipped with cutting-edge sensing and autonomy, the Dronut can easily clear buildings, tunnels, and other confined spaces while providing real-time video to inform the warfighter of potential threats. The CEO is Omar Eleryan. Learn more at https://cleorobotics.com/. Key words: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) in urban and subterranean environments

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Mesodyne


Mesodyne’s patented LightCell is a new class of power generator that converts fuel into electricity via light. Simply put, the LightCell enables portable, efficient, quiet, reliable, long-endurance power anywhere, anytime, and from any fuel. With more than 10 times the energy density of batteries, the LightCell enables people, sensors, autonomous vehicles, and virtually any system that requires portable power to perform missions with extended range, endurance, and lethality across a multitude of platforms. The CEO is Veronika Stelmakh. Learn more at http://mesodyne.com/. Key words: Long Endurance, Multi-Fuel, Portable, Reliable, and Quiet Power Generation Off-Grid.

February 2024

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Circle

Circle Optics, Inc.

Circle Optics revolutionizes imaging for the aerospace, autonomous systems, and entertainment industries by delivering unparalleled accuracy in situational awareness without parallax errors. The company’s breakthrough non-parallax camera system eliminates the stitching problem, ensuring seamless, high-quality visuals that redefine precision and reliability in critical applications. The CEO and Co-Founder is Zak Niazi. Learn more at www.circleoptics.com. Key words: Aerospace, Autonomous Systems, Joint Air Tasking Cycle (JTAC) Training

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Bazze


Bazze’s marketplace, Commercial Data Infrastructure (CDI) gives defense and intelligence customers the ability to discover and integrate insights from an expanding array of commercial data sources and types. CDI provides deeper and wider access to commercial data vendors, through data via an application programming interface (API) instead of via bulk annual licenses. The CDI charges customers on a consumption basis to limit unnecessary data and allow for the smarter allocation of resources. The CEO is Sammy Semwangu. Learn more at www.bazze.io. Key words: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Marketplace, Commercial Data.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: OneRadio

OneRadio Corporation

OneRadio Corporation designs and manufactures wideband high dynamic range (HDR) receivers using its patented technologies to enable unique approaches to applications like drone detection, geolocation, and fingerprinting for the defense, research, and commercial markets The CEO is Mohan Vaghul. Learn more: www.oneradiocorp.com. Key words: Drone Detection, Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (cUAS), Wideband High Dynamic Range Receivers.

January 2024

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Lexset

Lexset.ai Inc.

Founded by a team of generative design, AI, and data rights experts, Lexset has finally cracked the code to making world class visual data easy to make and use. Co-located in Brooklyn, NY and Gig Harbor, WA, the company serves leading commercial and government customers. Lexset’s Seahaven platform allows users to quickly and easily set up and run simulations to create and iterate on data for computer vision applications. The CEO and Co-Founder is Francis Bitonti. Learn more: www.lexset.ai. Key words: Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Simulation, Synthetic Data, Model Training.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Non-Von


Non-Von’s goal is to drastically improve AI and multivariate sensor processing applications, on the edge, and in data centers. The company leverages cutting edge algorithms and novel parallel “neuromorphic hardware architecture”, which is hardware designed from studying brain circuitry. This combination reduces price and improves watt performance by an order of magnitude by allowing large numbers of independent processing streams, none bottle-necked by a typical monolithic memory unit. The CEO is Derek Odom. Learn more at www.non-von.com. Key words: Edge AI/ML, Custom Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: TeraDAR

TeraDAR, Inc.vl

TeraDAR is developing the world’s first ever terahertz high-resolution imaging radar on a chip, enabling low-cost, advanced perception capabilities for ground vehicle safety and autonomous operation. Current sensing solutions fall short: radar lacks precision resolution, cameras are vulnerable to lighting and weather, ultrasonics have poor range and multipath performance and LiDAR has poor weather performance. TeraDAR operates at high frequency to overcome current solution limitations, delivering accurate sensing and imaging end-products despite the presence of snow, sleet, fog, dust, wind, hail, lighting, or light objects. The CEO and Co-Founder is Matthew Carey. Key words: Automotive Safety, Autonomous Systems.

December 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Aperion Labs


Apeiron Labs Inc. is a venture-backed data-as-a-service startup based in Cambridge, MA. Their mission is to lower the cost of getting data from the upper 400 meters of the ocean by orders of magnitude. Aperion seeks to accelerate the transition from episodic sampling to continuous monitoring, from expendability to reusability, and from human-assisted to fully autonomous sensing. We are going to achieve this by deploying large fleets of low-cost gliders called Tensors (for persistenT sENSORs) and maintain them in grids using an innovative approach to station keeping. The CEO is Ravi Pappu. Learn more: www.apeironlabs.com. Key words: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, New Blue Economy, Maritime Domain Awareness.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Atolla


Atolla Tech is introducing an advanced, lidar-based counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) solution that rapidly identifies unmanned aerial systems (UAS) using their propeller electronic signatures. This process is accelerated by a machine learning (ML) algorithm that performs waveform analysis in time and frequency domains, requiring minimal data points for identification. This innovative solution overcomes the limitations of radar in terms of resolution and cost, and surpasses the range and resolution of electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) systems, and functions effectively day and night with smaller optics. The Founder is Sonia Dagan. Learn more at www.atolla.io. Key words: cUAS, UAS, Lidar, ML.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Cyvl


CYVL is a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search product that can detect and locate people, equipment, weapons, and any other object or action of interest from vehicles, closed circuit television (CCTV), bodycams, and other sources of imagery. The CEO is Daniel Pelaez. Learn more at www.cyvl.ai/. Key words: AI/ML, Computer Vision, Object Detection, Edge, On-Vehicle Sensors, Situational Awareness, Geospatial, Mapping.

November 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Crow Industries

Crow Industries

Crow Industries (CI) is building the Robotic Labor Force of the mining industry. With their autonomy platform, each piece of heavy equipment on site will be able to operate on its own, without GPS and coordinate with its counterparts as a team in underground and in other GPS-denied environments. The Founder and CEO is Dr. James Crowell. Learn more: www.crowindustriesinc.com. Key words: Mining, Autonomy, Situational Awareness, Space

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Earth XYZ

Earth XYZ

EARTH XYZ is a revolutionary remote sensing capability with next-generation, satellite-based hyperspectral spectrometers. Their proprietary precision space-based spectrometer identifies objects invisible to current red, green, blue (RGB), radar, or infrared (IR) sensors. Its unique technology can precisely distinguish between camouflaged objects, chemicals, gas plumes, decoys, and more. Its geospatial data fusion engine integrates language models with an image analytics pipeline, delivering immediate geospatial insights from unstructured text queries to customers — unlike anything in the market. These innovations, capable of delivering essential spectral data globally and continuously, are the ultimate tools for near real-time intelligence and surveillance. The Co-Founder and CEO is Vishnu Sridhar. Learn more at www.ourearth.ai. Key words: Remote Sensing, Geospatial, Space, UAS, Satellite, Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral, Image-Analytics.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Lynq


Directus’ suite of developer tools helps technical teams reduce project delivery times from months to hours. The company provides REST/GraphQL application programming interfaces (APIs) for any database and an intuitive admin graphical user interface (GUI) to build apps quickly. With Directus, you can find and extract immediate value in any raw data from the field. The CEO is Adam Gould. Learn more at www.lynqnetworks.com. Key words: Deep Tech, Enterprise Software, Autonomous Systems, Communications,Wireless, Mesh Networking.

October 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Troverlo


Troverlo provides global location tracking and data collection, with or without internet connection. Their technology can be deployed in a variety of ways including simple background software on the assets, integration with Wi-Fi chips, or standalone add-on asset tags. The CEO is Cody Catalena. Learn more: www.troverlo.com. Key words: Supply Chain, Logistics, Security, IT, IoT

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Little Place Labs

Little Place Labs Inc.

Little Place Labs is a revolutionary edge computing software company that specializes in providing near-real-time space for both ground-based and space-based applications, utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms deployed directly on satellites and other in-space infrastructure. The CEO is Bosco Lai. Learn more at www.littleplace.com. Key words: Edge Computing, Satellite, Machine Learning

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Directus


Directus’ suite of developer tools helps technical teams reduce project delivery times from months to hours. The company provides REST/GraphQL application programming interfaces (APIs) for any database and an intuitive admin graphical user interface (GUI) to build apps quickly. With Directus, you can find and extract immediate value in any raw data from the field. The CEO is Ben Haynes. Learn more at www.directus.io. Key words: Database Management, Developer Tools, Backend-as-a-Service.

September 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: EpiSci


EpiSci is a software company that designs next-generation autonomous solutions for national security problems. Demonstrated in flight on swarms of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and live F-16 dogfighting, EpiSci’s tactical autonomy software is technology agnostic, operationally informed, and tactically relevant. Additional applications include manned-uncrewed teaming for air dominance, cognitive sensors and networks for advanced communications systems, and battle management command and control for informed decision-making. The CEO is Bo Ryu. Learn more at www.episci.com. Key words: Aerospace, Autonomy Software, Command and Control, Communication, Defense.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: TurbineOne


TurbineOne delivers do-it-yourself artificial Intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). Their Frontline Perception System (FPS) allows users to build, tune, and deploy computer-powered recognition algorithms without having to code and without requiring a cloud, enabling operators to use it both in the field and in operations centers. Their system can operate in unreliable environments including anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) and disconnected, denied, intermittent and/or limited bandwidth (DDIL) environments. The CEO is Ian Kalin. Learn more at www.turbineone.com. Key words: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED), Edge Computing.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Kapalya


Kapalya provides the government and private industry with better defense against ransomware. Their AI-powered counter-ransomware solution detects, prevents, and remediates ransomware on mobile devices, clouds, servers, databases, and more. The CEO is Sudesh Kumar. Learn more at www.kapalya.com. Key words: Critical Infrastructure, Federal/State/Local Government, National Defense, Telecommunications.

August 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Makai

Makai LLC

The mission of Makai is to solve Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) challenges by leading the development, enhancement, and integration of critical technologies. Makai has developed the Hardened Operational Networking Unit (HONU), a secure edge-computing platform that leverages the power of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) 5G and commercial satellite communications. HONU features a built-in failover capability that allows for multiple wide area network (WAN) provider networks to be connected concurrently. The CEO is Stephanie Hutch. Learn more at www.makaidefense.com. Key words: C5ISR, Space, Special Forces, Tactical Communications, 5G, Edge Computing, Starlink, SATCOM, Zero Trust.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: QuSecure


QuSecure believes that the impact of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing are here, now. They provide quantum protection with their QuProtect™ product, which offers government and commercial organizations a simple software solution with classical and quantum-resilient protection, cryptographic agility, controls, and insights you need to be ready for today and tomorrow. The CEO is Dave Krauthamer. Learn more at www.qusecure.com. Key words: Cybersecurity, Quantum, Encryption, Software, Crypto-Agility.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Shabodi


Shabodi believes that your network is more than just a pipe. It is an intelligent asset. Their mission is to accelerate business transformation by enabling seamless interactions between network-aware applications and advanced networks like LTE, 5G/6G, and wifi. That is why we have developed our Application Enablement Platform, the industry’s first solution that offers common network application programming interfaces (APIs) across all advanced networks and integrates with all network vendors. The CEO is Vikram Chopra. Learn more at https://www.shabodi.com. Key words: Defense, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Mining, Ports and Logistics.

July 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Analytical AI

Analytical AI

Analytical AI is an image-based artificial intelligence company specializing in anomaly detection and auto threat recognition. Everything Analytical AI does is centered around improving people’s lives and safety. The CEO is Mark Froehlich. Learn more at www.analyticalai.com. Key words: Defense, Security, Healthcare.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: HEBI

HEBI Robotics

HEBI Robotics produces an agile platform for robotics development, including hardware and software tools that make it possible to quickly create capable, robust custom robots. The HEBI platform is used by researchers around the world to accelerate their work. HEBI also uses the platform in collaboration with its industrial partners to develop practical automation systems. The CEO is Howie Choset. Learn more at www.hebirobotics.com. Key words: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Infrastructure, Inspections, Maintenance.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Caliola


Caliola is a 100% woman-owned small business (WOSB) headquartered in Colorado Springs, that provides innovative technical solutions and services for secure and resilient communications. The company has expertise in nuclear command, control, and communication (NC3); military satellite communications (SATCOM); modernized high frequency (HF) communications; automated SATCOM planning; non-traditional cybersecurity architectures; and assured position, navigation, and timing (PNT). The CEO is Jennifer Halford. Learn more at https://www.caliola.com. Key words: Nuclear C3, SATCOM, HF Communications, Automated SATCOM Planning, PNT.

June 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Fourth State

Fourth State Communications

Fourth State Communications, maker of the Enhanced Thermo-Scatter System (ETSS), is revolutionizing the speed and reliability of financial trading. Their ultra low latency backbone empowers trading firms to access critical information and execute trades with lightning-fast precision. Their cutting-edge technology goes beyond conventional limitations by providing beyond line-of-sight communications for the Department of Defense (DoD) even in contested environments, ensuring secure and uninterrupted connectivity. The CEO is John Edwards. Learn more on LinkedIn. Key words: Communications, Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS), Disaster Recovery, Stock Trading, Emerging Markets

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Allosense

Allosense, Inc.

Allosense is an industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) company that makes next-generation sensors and measurement solutions for advancing electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and equipment monitoring. The company collaborates with major U.S. EV manufacturers and defense and aerospace installations. The CEO is Roman Sandoval. Learn more at www.allosense.com Key words: Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Sensors.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: HyperKelp, Inc.


HyperKelp is an oceanic monitoring company that builds hosted payload smart buoys - persistent, flexible ocean data collectors that serve customers in the defense and civilian worlds. The CEO is Graeme Rae. Learn more at www.hyperkelp.com. Key words: Defense, Environmental, Offshore Energy, Climate Science.

May 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: HyperKelp

Seatrec, Inc.

Seatrec is an ocean sensing company focused on improving data collection with a subsurface temperature sensing system that can run continuously by harnessing power from temperature differences in the ocean. With the data, Seatrec aims to better predict hurricane intensity. The CEO is Yi Chao. Learn more at https://seatrec.com

Key words: Ocean, Climate, Renewable Energy

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Heights Labs

Heights Labs

Heights Labs is a crypto compliance company that provides law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and threat intelligence platforms with blockchain analytics. The company’s platform is the only platform on the market that produces transaction graphs alongside risk alerts. The CEO is Daniel Goldsmith. Learn more at https://www.heightslabs.com/.

Key words: National Security, Financial Crimes Compliance, Crypto Compliance.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: MemComputing, Inc.

MemComputing, Inc.

MemComputing makes the MEMCPU™ Platform, a logistics optimization software that saves large companies and organizations like the DoD time and money by solving complex logistical problems in minutes using a new computing paradigm that unifies processing and memory. Technology applications include supply chain optimization, route planning, and inventory management. The CEO is John Beane. Learn more at https://memcpu.com.

Key words: Logistics, Optimization, DoD

April 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Tangram Flex

Tangram Flex

Tangram is a software company focusing on enabling software integration, interoperability, and assurance for complex systems and to bridge the gap between systems engineering designs and software developer implementations. Tangram creates a commercially available component software integration platform (CSIP) solution for safer, faster, and more secure integration of software components in systems in both defense and commercial markets. The CEO is Caitlin Dohrman. Learn more at https://tangramflex.com/
Key words: Defense, Aerospace, Space, Autonomy, UAS.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Beamlink

Beamlink connects rural places and the most austere operating environments with a portable, mesh cell tower the size of a lunchbox. Capable of working in any country and connecting to any cellular device through LTE and 5G, each “bentocell” is a low SWaP solution that requires no engineers to build a cellular network. The CEO is Mateo Abascal. Learn more at www.beamlink.io.
Key words: Wireless, 5G, Connectivity, Hardware, Disaster Response.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Distributed Spectrum

Distributed Spectrum

Distributed Spectrum provides tactical radio frequency (RF) situational awareness for SIGINT and EW applications deploying ultra-low SWaP sensors that can be human-carried or mounted on ground, aerial, and maritime systems. Technology applications include force protection, blue force tracking, anomaly detection, and signal intelligence including classification and localization. The CEO is Alex Wulff. Learn more at https://www.distributedspectrum.com/.
Key words: SIGINT, signal classification, UAS.

March 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Project OWL

Project OWL

OWL’s mission is to improve the world’s resilience through connectivity. Project OWL creates simple wireless technology, connecting hardware and software by developing an effective dual-use network solution alongside academic and industry partners. The CEO is Bryan Knouse. Learn more at www.project-owl.com.

Key words: networks, sensors, mesh, space.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: JAIA Robotics

JAIA Robotics

JAIA Robotic provides aquatic data collection by providing autonomous, high-speed, micro-sized, multi-vehicle aquatic drones to collect data in littoral, surfzone, estuarine, and riverine environments. The CEO is Ian Estaphan Owen. Learn more at www.jaia.tech.

Key words: Aquatic drones, unmanned underwater vehicles, autonomous systems, aquatic data collection, defense, environmental monitoring.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Organic Robotics (Llume)

Organic Robotics (Llume)

Patented soft and stretchable Light Lace™ fiberoptic sensors use light to measure motion and force at 100 times faster sampling rates than competitors, resulting in more precise measurements. LLume wearables come with Light Lace™ sensors integrated into fabrics to provide real-time and actionable insights into bodily functions and recovery. The CEO is Ilayda Samilgil. Learn more at llume.io.

Key words: human performance, sports tech, wearables, defense.

February 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: krtkl


krtkl (pronounced - critical) provides high-reliability hardware and software solutions for ‘hard’ real-time applications in the robotics, sensing, and space industries. krtkl’s mission is to build a smarter, more connected world by democratizing access to advanced technology. The CEO is [Ryan Cousins](https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanlcousins/). Learn more at https://krtkl.com.
Key words: edge computing, AI, robotics, sensing, space.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Kinnami Software Corporation

Kinnami Software Corporation

Kinnami provides a secure, resilient data fabric for the computing edge on satellites, drones, IoT, autonomous systems, and the cloud using an innovative distributed peer-to-peer data management and security platform, safeguarding sensitive information regardless of where it is accessed. The CEO is Sujeesh Krishnan. Learn more at https://www.kinnami.com.
Key words: autonomous systems, robotics, space, industrial automation, Tactical Edge Weapons Systems.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Matrix Space

Matrix Space

Matrix Space delivers next-generation collaborative AI sensing. We digitize the outdoors and make that information useful. The unique ultra-small, low-cost networked radars, combined with AI and multimodal sensing, create real-time situational awareness, day or night, and sense at a distance. The CEO is Gregory Waters. Learn more at www.matrixspace.com.
Key words: networks, sensors, mesh, space.

January 2023

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Vermeer


Vermeer builds a vision-based navigation system for GPS denied/spoofed environments. The Vermeer system emits no signal, cannot be jammed or spoofed, does not drift, and provides a global position (as opposed to others, which only provide a relative location). Vermeer can also provide targeting information with its solution. The CEO is Brian Streem. Learn more at https://www.getvermeer.com/.
Key words: autonomy, drones, AR/VR.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Nebula Compute

Nebula Compute

Nebula Compute is bringing cloud computing to space. With its IP on the outside of the ISS this year, Nebula will bring terrestrial grade computing to the vacuum of space enabling quicker, better, and more intel to be gathered by its satellite infrastructure. The CEO is Michael Bloxton. Learn more at https://nebulacompute.com/. Key words: space, on-orbit cloud computing, orbital networking.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: BLISS

BlueSpace Independent Safety System (BLISS)

The BlueSpace Independent Safety System (BLISS) is an explainable and scalable AI for autonomy. BLISS removes the dependency for prior training data, and thus can handle all objects, anywhere with 100x motion accuracy, at 100ms reaction time. BLISS provides dual safety redundancy for autonomous on and off road systems. The CEO is Joel Pazhayampallil. Learn more at https://www.bluespace.ai/. Key words: autonomy, unmanned vehicles (land, air, sea), vehicle agnostic, not geofenced

December 2022

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Candelytics


Candelytics is a cloud-based 3D data management platform that allows users to analyze and share 3D files of any format. The CEO and founder is Clark Yuan. Learn more at https://www.candelytics.io/ . Key words: Point cloud, 3D, machine learning, data management, LIDAR.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Forcyte


Forcyte provides the link between autonomous command and control and wireless power. The founders are Chris Crenshaw and Dylan Brophy. Learn more at www.Forcyte.io. Key words: sUAS, wireless power, austere operations, IoT.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Xona Space Systems

Xona Space Systems

Xona Space Systems offers an advanced position, navigation, and timing (PNT) services enabled by a constellation of low Earth-orbiting satellites. The CEO is Brian Manning . Learn more at www.xonaspace.com. Key words: automotive, aass mobile, critical infrastructure, construction, precision agriculture.

November 2022

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Armaments Research Company (ARC)

Armaments Research Company (ARC)

ARC technology leverages state-of-the-art internet-of-things (IoT) and machine learning (ML) technologies to transform weapons into information nodes or ‘sensors’ and arm warfighters with advanced, real-time decision support. The CEO is Michael Canty. Learn more https://www.armaments.us/. Key words: connected battlefield, intelligence, AI/ML, IoT, and special operations.



Fraym offers machine learning software that turns ordinary household surveys into census-like spatial data across entire countries. The CEO is Ben Leo. Learn more https://fraym.io/. Key words: Geospatial data, machine learning, foundational data.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Macro-Eyes


Macro-Eyes is an enterprise supply chain AI for the forward operating edge by matching supply to demand, people, commodities, and products when/where needed. The CEO is Benjamin Fels. Learn more http://www.macro-eyes.com. Key words: logistics, AI, Special Operations, and supply chain.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: PeakMetrics


PeakMetrics uses narrative identification and attribution to defend against coordinated information warfare/disinformation attacks by using machine learning to spot adversarial online content, conduct audience analysis, and assess context credibility. The CEO is Nick Loui. Learn more https://www.peakmetrics.com/. Key words: information operations,intel,disinformation, and cyber.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Arcascope


Arcascope is a circadian management platform capturing wearable data to radically transform users’ relationship with light so they sleep and feel better. The CEO is Olivia Walch. Learn more https://www.arcascope.com. Key words:health, digital, mobile, biotech, and sleep.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Pison


Pison offers wearable gesture control technology to increase situational awareness, enhance android team awareness kit (ATAK) functionality, and enable multi-user drone control. The CEO is Dexter Ang. Learn more Pison.com. Key words: ATAK, situational awareness, AI, machine learning, and drones.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Pierce Aerospace

Pierce Aerospace

Pierce Aerospace removes uncertainty by identifying the responsible party behind a drone, robot, or IoT system, offering interoperable solutions and defense technologies. This CEO is Aaron Pierce. Learn more https://www.pierceaerospace.net. Key words: UAS, remote ID, drones.